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2013-2017 Five-year Augementation Plan for RGSM210.20 KBDownload
2013 Spawning & Recruitment Study at the NMISC Los Lunas Refugium150.71 KBDownload
2012 USGS Bosque ReportUnknownDownload
2012 RGSM Health Study Final Report21.62 MBDownload
2012 Genetic monitoring and complex population dynamics:UnknownDownload
2012 Augmentation Annual Report FINAL1.17 MBDownload
2011 On-Site Evaluation of the Suitability of a Wetted Instream Habitat in the MRG for RGSMUnknownDownload
2011 NMISC Los Lunas RGSM Refugium Report408.59 KBDownload
2011 Final Report 07-CS-40-8204 Bixby & Burdett 2011-05-31868.73 KBDownload
2010 Spawning Periodicity of RGSM During 2010812.60 KBDownload
2010 RGSM Effects of Propagation, Augmentation & Rescue Activities on Recovery & Survival1.52 MBDownload
2010 Fish Community Monitoring and Fish Sampling Methodology Eval Report_Final6.47 MBDownload
2010 Annual Report for NMISC's Los Lunas Minnow Refugium61.37 KBDownload
2010 Annual Report for COA BioPark403.67 KBDownload
2009 Spawing Periodicity of RGSM During726.94 KBDownload
2009 RGSM Research and Monitoring Reports- UNM Museum of Southwestern Biology, Division of FishesUnknownDownload
2009 RGSM Genetics Monitoring Report599.79 KBDownload
2009 Monitoring Report for Albq. Reach Riverine Restoration & Habitat Improvement for RGSM6.96 MBDownload
2009 Annual Monitoring Report for the City of Albq.'s Rio Bravo North & South HR Projects 20098.23 MBDownload
2008 RGSM Investigation Use of PIT Tags177.64 KBDownload
2008 MRG Annual Baseline Water Quality Survey 10/2006-07/2008856.95 KBDownload
2007 MRG Annual Baseline Water Quality Survey Report 2000-07624.30 KBDownload
2005 Tetra Tech EMI-MRG Water Quality Risk 12-19-05 Vol. 21.24 MBDownload
2005 Tetra Tech EMI-MRG Water Quality Risk 12-19-05 Vol. 1 text2.58 MBDownload
2005 Tetra Tech EMI-MRG Water Quality Risk 12-19-05 Vol. 1667.00 KBDownload
2003-2009 Ground water hydrology and estimation of horizontalUnknownDownload
1999 Middle Rio Grande Survey Summary from Angostura to Isleta Diversion 1999395.46 KBDownload





List of Website Documents, Prior to May 2010


The current list above are final postings after May 2010, a list of all FINAL Program Reports prior to May 10, 2010 have been compiled into one document for ease of website search ability.


**Reports in the document are listed according to searchable titles throughout the Middle Rio Grande website. If you’re looking for a specific report from the word. document above, please copy and paste the title into the search bar for your results.