How can my organization become a signatory? Minimize

Any organization having a demonstrated interest in the success of the Program may apply to become a signatory. To qualify for consideration, the applicant organization must submit a letter of interest to the Executive Committee co-chairs supporting the goals and success of the Program and expressing its intent to sign the MOA if the application is accepted. While the number of signatories is unlimited, the number of signatories on the Executive Committee shall not exceed twenty (20).

The Executive Committee may consider among other things the following criteria in determining whether to accept an application, provided that an applicant need not meet all criteria, and further provided that meeting the criteria does not guarantee an applicant’s acceptance as a signatory.

These criteria include:

a) representation of a sizable constituency, for example through public outreach or membership;

b) contribution to the non-federal cost share, including in-kind services;

c) ownership of an interest affected by the Program, such as land, water, or other property rights;

d) jurisdictional or regulatory responsibility, including sovereignty; and

e) commitment to participation.

Acceptance of an application requires consensus by the Executive Committee. Within one week following Executive Committee action on an application, the co-chairs will notify the applicant in writing of the Executive Committee’s decision.